Total forming & shoring | Erection & dismantling

SGB Aluma provide our customers’ a unique service that no other product provider offers in the industry - the erection and dismantling of shoring. Our dedicated and experienced teams, in addition to our foremen, support the on site work across all sectors of the construction industry.

The advantage for the customer is clear, you can be sure that the shoring is erected properly, and because of the experienced team, on time. The familiarity with the systems also increases on site safety, allowing your personnel to complete other tasks.

Standard & customised solutions

The flexibility of our product range increases our versatility, and we are adept at finding intelligent solutions for the most complex projects.

We are one of the world’s only fully integrated suppliers with the capability to offer a total formwork and shoring solution. Based on your project requirements, rather than our catalogue, we develop a bespoke plan based on the most appropriate formwork solution for every concrete pour. Our solutions can be based on any combination of formwork and shoring, from walls, slabs or bridge formwork to shoring and edge protection - all from one supplier. 

Engineering capability

Our in-house engineers and designers have in-depth knowledge of the specific regulations, requirements, codes and qualifications required. In addition, they have years of experience of working on some of the world’s largest and most complex and multiphased projects, where the design of low-impact solutions are critical to success.

Our engineers apply their ingenuity and specialist expertise, along with the latest software technologies to design solutions that both solve/pre-empt problems and save money for you. Innovations can be new ways of using old methods, new applications for existing products, or something completely radical.

Critical to our success are our dedicated research and developments teams, which are constantly striving to develop more innovative and efficient solutions to every day problems found by our customers.